Destination Crenshaw Groundbreaking

February 29th- Destination Crenshaw held its Groundbreaking, celebrating the start of construction on the 1.3-mile long open-air museum of black history and culture.

KCAL LA noted Destination Crenshaw’s recognition of more than 200 years of activism in Los Angeles. The environmental aspects were also reported, paving way for 4 acres of open space and 800 newly planted trees.

Additionally, Spectrum News 1 of the San Fernando Valley shares Destination Crenshaw’s layout plans, accommodating community gathering spaces and art installations. The report also highlights the legacy of the black community in Los Angeles.

Among many attendants of the cultural celebration was Los Angeles native and entrepreneur Issa Rae, who shared sentiments on why the project is so special to her. “This project is for us, by us so please take ownership of it. Make your voices heard. This is our land, and we’re not going anywhere. We are here to stay.” The LA curbed article details more on the Groundbreaking event.

To read more on the monumental Groundbreaking, check out this Curbed LA piece. “We’re not going anywhere”