Business Spotlight: KAOS Network is Holding It Down On the Boulevard

KAOS Network is a multimedia arts center located in Leimert Park that offers a way for the artistically talented and art enthusiasts of South Los Angeles to enjoy trans-media and multimedia art disciplines being offered in the community. KAOS Network creates a warm and open environment where everyone can participate and engage with the work being presented. 

KAOS Network was founded by Ben Caldwell, a 30-year resident of Leimert Park. Caldwell is an arts educator and independent filmmaker who was a part of the LA Rebellion movement a group of African and African-American students who came through the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television, as part of an Ethno-Communications initiative designed to be responsive to communities of color (also including Asian, Chicano and Native American communities).  Caldwell along with his fellow artists created not only unique films but a vision for a better world that was grounded in liberation movements and their identities and Black people. 

These days, Caldwell continues to mentor young artists and through KAOS Network provides training on digital arts, media arts and multimedia. 

DC Thrive supported KAOS Network with a DC Thrive micro-grant to help them improve their accounting practices with new software. They also participated in TEC Leimert’s Nxt Lvl Program, which provides businesses with a social media intern for 8 weeks.   

You can visit KAOS Network in Leimert Park 4343 Leimert Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90008. You can also follow on Facebook at @KaosNetwork.