Destination Crenshaw Public Art

Destination Crenshaw is commissioning an unprecedented 100+ Black Los Angeles artists of various media, including mural, sculpture, illustration, performance, and culturally-stamped infrastructure for permanent and temporary installations in the corridor. As California’s largest Black artists jobs program, the value of this program will provide additional access to resources, mentorship, and professional development opportunities for participating artists.


Public Art Intake Process

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The Destination Crenshaw project will create new sidewalks, 30,000 new square feet of landscaping, six pocket parks, 800+ trees, and culturally stamped street furniture (including outdoor seating, shade structures, bicycle racks, and wayfinding signage).

Click here to learn more about opportunities for you to work with the DC construction team to revitalize the Crenshaw corridor.



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In May 2017, Destination Crenshaw was incorporated as an independent non-profit corporation with the purpose of celebrating the history and culture of Black Los Angeles through a 1.3 mile-long art and cultural experience along the Crenshaw/LAX Line. The Destination Crenshaw project will act as a counterbalance to gentrification, solidifying the Crenshaw neighborhood by supporting legacy businesses and fostering a Black creative economic and cultural hub.

Destination Crenshaw’s mission is to improve the quality of life and revitalize the economy in South Los Angeles through arts and culture.