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Patrick Henry Johnson

Paul Revere Williams, The Pawn Who Became King/ 5870 Crenshaw Boulevard


Patrick Henry Johnson was born in Valdosta, Georgia, and attended the ArtInstitute of Fort Lauderdale before relocating to Los Angeles. In 1993, heundertook a five-year apprenticeship with an international mural company,learning techniques of mural making and honing his style.

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"Paul Revere Williams, The Pawn Who Became King"

He became afull-time muralist and began painting in Italy, Finland, Germany and GreatBritain. After Los Angeles lifted its ban on street murals, he became the firstartist to paint a project funded by the City of Los Angeles. His works include a72-foot by 14-foot mural, Penta-Loom Ode to Soldiers, at 51st Street andCentral Avenue, depicting the cost of war, and the L.A. landmark Elixir: TheRebirth at Crenshaw Boulevard and Stocker Street. A 40 by 40-foot portrait ofa Black woman with the universe swirling inside her, Elixir has featured innumerous television shows and movies as a clear visual marker for South LosAngeles.
These include: Issa Rae’s Insecure and Creed III. Elixir is also thecover for jazz great Kasami Washington’s album The Epic. His style, which hecalls Heroic Surrealism, is influenced by comic book art and the work ofSalvador Dali, Rene Magritte and MC Esher. A noted painter, his works oncanvas have been exhibited in notable galleries and exhibits in Los Angeles and New York and at Art Basel, Miami.

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