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RTN Crew

The Wall


The RTN Crew was formed in 1989 as one of Los Angeles’s few all-Black graffiti crews. The group is best known for the mural Our Mighty Contribution, the first painting to unify the 787-foot-long Crenshaw Wall, created in 2001 by 12 of its members.

DC Featured Art

"The Crenshaw Wall"

Rendering of the updated Crenshaw Wall by Perkins & Will
Artists in the Crew have been featured in projects commissioned by the Getty Research Institute and California African American Museum.
Several members of the Crew attended Crenshaw High School, about a block away from the Crenshaw Wall. Their philosophy of “each one, teach one” is exemplified throughtheir teaching of “non-institutional art history” and specialized art techniques and by rendering their art concepts for the joy of others avenues throughout the nation.

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